The iPhone 3G, BEHOLD!

If you’ve not seen the iPhone 3G, here’s the keynote speech by the man Steve:

Yes it’s here, well not here in Malaysia yet. Though I could get the USD199 iPhone 3G down south Singapore.

But the thing is, do I really want to get an iPhone with 3G?

Yes. For the sole reason that it is an effective tool for communications purposes, as well as it is fast and the screen is clear and responsive to touch. I’ve been using my HTC Touch and though it serves its purpose, I’ve lost interest in its many features due to its sluggishness.

The iPhone 3G launches today in around 20 countries and I bet it’s gonna sell like hot cakes. gives a new vs old review:

No more jailbreaking, no more hacking. Cause there’s the application store and there’s the UMTS/HSDPA and GSM which means this phone can work practically anywhere on the planet.

So, would I get the iPhone 3G? Possibly yes.

Darn it why is it so hard to get a decent iPhone here in Malaysia?


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